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I am using a Ventilation unit on the Pyrgeometer. Do I need to put this on 5W or 10W?

If the CVF 3 is used for a Pyrgeometer the effect of sunrise is not valid and continuous 5 Watt is preferred. In extreme cold climates , polar / mountain tops, the 10 Watt heater can be used continuously.

Should I use a CVF 3 ventialtion unit in a warm environment and do I need a heater?

The CVF 3 increases the accuracy and maintenance interval by: In the morning dew on the domes is prevented (ice in your region will be no problem) Dirt (dust) deposit on the domes is less with ventilation. Zero offset is less because airflow keeps dome and body temperature closer together. The use of the heater in the CVF 3 is not really necessary. (Although also dew is removed quicker) Here the first item is really the most important one. If dew deposit is no problem the CVF 3 can be omitted.

How often should I clean the filters of the CVF 3 ventilation unit?

1) The filters are designed to use for a year in normal circumstances. Extreme circumstances like in factories with a lot of soot or chemical emission are a exception. 2) When they are dirty the filters can be washed out with water. After being dried a cleaned filter can last another year.

Can I order a new filter for my CVF 3 ventilation unit?

Filters can be ordered in sets of 5 (number 2682-916).

What is the benefit of using a ventilation unit?

To keep the outer dome at the same temperature as the surrounding air temperature. This will keep the zero (a) offset as low as possible. But also to keep the dome as dry and clean as possible (from rain snow, ice and dirt).

The ventilation unit has a 5 W and 10 W heater. When do I need 5 W and when do I need 10 W?

Advised is to use the 5 Watt heater to keep the offset (a) as low as possible. This can be used during the whole day. If the surrounding temperature is above zero this could be sufficient. Below zero degree Celsius the extra 5 Watt (10 Watt total) can be used. We recommend to use the 10 Watt heater only during the morning (few hours around (preferable before) sunrise) to get the dome clean when measurement starts. After that the heater can be set back to 5 Watt.

How can I enable the 5 W or 10 W heater option of my CVF 3 ventilation unit? (with picture)

By applying power to pin 6 or 7 for 5 W and both for 10 W.
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